Social Site Membership; Stop Expecting What it’s Not

That the word Privacy is used in a policy does not mean you have any; it only outlines what little you can expect in return for giving out your Name, Age, Marital Status, what you like, what you eat, drink, what you watch and what you wear, what banks and other institutions you “like”…  and […]

When it Comes to Tech Support, Don’t Insist on Less

It’s no secret, website, domain and other technical products bought online these days may need a bit of support. Today though, the term support is as loosely splashed about as the term sexy; it leaves everything up to interpretation and is always painfully subjective (and sometimes liquor helps). More worthy of note this year is […]

Facebook Replace Email?

The other day I received an interesting email from a friend. He was leaving for the Orient and took the time to let me know this would be his last email, and from this point forward all his communications would be on Facebook. “Incase you are wondering why your email has gone down, it’s because […]

128 Bit Encryption More Secure than the Waiter

Have you avoided purchasing items online out of fear of identity theft and credit card fraud? According to a 2010 report from the US Better Business Bureau, online identity theft is less severe, is quicker to be detected, and on most occasions the amount of financial damage to the victim of offline identity theft is […]