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A background that spans business, technical, travel and journalism, offers a unique perspective into topics from current politics to public financial affairs and unique things in between. From a Luxurious Studio in the dramatic Annapolis Valley, some of the most intricate work in Hollywood, and beyond, is consistently performed.


Legislative Reporter (syndicated) British Columbia Provincial Press Gallery
Regular Contributor, Politics and Policy Magazine
Regular Contributor, BC Politics Magazine
Regular Contributor, Forest Planning Canada Magazine
Contributor, Beautiful BC Magazine
Contributor, Toronto Star

If business is the backbone of the economy, I’ve contributed my share to the spine of the country. Starting up business is what I love to do, from the first drawing of the business plan to the execution of openings, getting a business off the ground is intensive, and can be pretty exciting. Here are some of the things I’ve been involved with over the years. Some I’m still attached to and some are sold, but all were a blast to put into action.

Founder, Mobile Office, Retail Mobile Communication stores, (Sold 1995)
Founder, | Premium Web Services
Founder, Secure Internet Purchasing, USA
Founder, JoCool Car Care (Sold 2000)
Founder, JoCool Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong
Founder, JoCool Enterprises Limited, Canada

Technical Overview
Working only with very high end, technically demanding productions within the entertainment industry, I leave making websites for the rest. Clients of JoCool have no compulsion to “work on their own site” (or their own tractor, car, toaster or TV). Without the ability to find the best person for a job, and delegate it, one is not yet successful enough to benefit from these kinds of advanced skills. (still too much time on your hands.. not ready for a professional).

Technical History
Technical Director – | Coolcom Premium Web Services
Software Analyst – JoCool Enterprises Limited, Canada
Ecommerce Advisory – Secure Internet Purchasing
Research and Development – JoCool Enterprises Limited, Canada
Migration Analyst, | Coolcom Premium Web Services
Technical Writer, | Coolcom Premium Web Services
Software Analyst, Hole In One Pilates International
Software Analyst, Citizen Kane Productions
Social Network Marketing, ABC’s The River’s Leslie Hope

Marketing Overview
I’ve seen both Online and Brick and Mortar businesses to their full success, marketing will have played a large role in getting either to that point. Old school manual magazine layout for advertising still comes in handy as this medium is still in use for websites and online business (and will not be gone for a very long time).

Viral Marketing, on the other hand, is newer and trickier. I’ve taken some extremely difficult projects to viral success, including the Hollywood productions GAYKEITH and What I See When I Close My Eyes. GAYKEITHS video channel achieved over 100K views in under a week with the trailer alone attracting more than 90,000 of those in that week.

Taking sites to their needed top 10 in Google is yet another staple of marketing online, and is demonstrated well with finding itself listed in the top 10 entries under search terms as generic as “Domain Registrations” and listed in the top 1 or 2 in terms such as Canadian Domains, Register .ca domains and so on.

Marketing History
International Mobile Office – Ad layout, Newspaper, Magazine and Periodicals
International Mobile Office – Radio campaign development and deployment | Coolcom Premium Web Services – Online SEO and PPC Development | Coolcom Premium Web Services – Publicity
JoCool Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong – International Vertical Marketing
Citizen Kane Productions, California – Viral Marketing and Publicity
Social Network Marketing, ABC’s The River’s Leslie Hope

Website? Those are still important yah?
The Death of A Prince (Award winning Film)
Buried Treasure (Film)
GAYKEITH (Award winning Film)
What I see When I Close My Eyes (Award Winning Film)
JoCool Enterprises (Marketing)
Health Connection (Retail)
I’ll stop here…

IMDB Accreditation and Credits
Fully credited

Extended Stay / Travel and Temporary relocation
One of the beautiful things in life can be the ability to travel and experience. To live a life (even briefly) that is lead by another person, in another culture, is a gift, it allows one the experience of perspective. Here are some of the experiences that impacted my life enough to change my perspective.

Hong Kong (1986)
Hong Kong (2006)
Hong Kong (2008)
Seoul (1986)
Los Angeles (1998)
Los Angeles (1999)
Los Angeles (2001)
Austin (2002)
Los Angeles (2002)
Los Angeles (2003)
Toronto (2003)