Global News

Take a break from your usual news source, skip the trip to CNN and try out one of the worlds major publications. It’s amazing how much of the world is NOT dragging out those old topics we hear over and over, and are told we really want..

Der Spiegel
An international focus from one of the worlds most respected news agencies.

South China Morning Post
Ever wonder what China thinks of world affairs?

Hindustan Times
One of the largest populations of the globe.

The London (UK) World News
If you can find Kate and Will on the front page, they’re buried.

The Guadalajara Reporter
English written paper that looks at local and world affairs.

NY Times
Take a break from CNN, you’ll find it refreshing.

If the chances of your plane crashing are the same as that of winning the lottery, why do we get on planes thinking it can’t happen, and buy lottery tickets thinking it can?

Just sayin’ …